How it works

Howedid how it works step 1

Enter your customer’s basic information into the dashboard

  • Quickly build your customer list.
  • Enter customers one by one or import a CSV file with a many customers at once.
Howedid how it works step 2

Set your limits on positive and negative experiences

  • A positive experience will be asked to leave a review.
  • A negative experience will be sent directly to you for more in-depth review.
  • You decide how the system reacts to feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Positive responses that meet or exceed your upper limit are invited to leave a review on the sites that you specify.
  • Negative reviews that fall below your lower limit are sent to you so you can solve the problem promptly.
Howedid how it works step 3

Contact your customers any way they want

  • Use our pre-made templates or customize your own forms.
  • Send customers an SMS/text or an email.
  • Schedule a campaign to get lots of feedback from many customers at once or just from one customer at a time.
Howedid how it works step 4

Each customer gets a customized response based on their initial feedback

  • Customers that give a positive response will be directed to the review site of your choice.
  • Customers that give a negative response will be given an opportunity to give you a second chance.
  • Get positive reviews from your happy customers.
  • Learn what you might be doing wrong from your unhappy customers and use that information to adjust your business practices.


Setting up our software is an easy step-by-step process.

Sign Up Tutorial

It’s super easy to setup your account. It’s FREE for 7 days.

Profile Setup Tutorial

Tell us who you are and about your business.

Add New Clients Tutorial

Begin adding your clients to HoWeDid.

Quick Invitations Tutorial

Start communicating with your customers from the HoWeDid platform.

Campaigns Tutorial

Making communications automatic is easy with HoWeDid.

System Notifications Tutorial

Let HoWeDid notify you each time something important happens. You decide what’s important.

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