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There are two challenges most businesses face when building their brand reputation:

  • Encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews is difficult. Most people are simply content to be happy without leaving a review -- but your business desperately needs those reviews.
  • Discouraging unhappy customers from leaving negative reviews is even harder. You need a way to damage control the situation and leave them with a positive outlook on your business.

HoWeDid has you covered with our efficient, user-friendly and affordable customer satisfaction solution.
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Seamless Customer Engagement

An unhappy customer will tell an average of 10 people about their bad experience. An unhappy customer who you convert to a happy one by resolving their issue will tell an average of 6 people about their great experience. Your most valuable marketing tool is someone who was unhappy but is happy now.
Score more positive reviews with HoWeDid. Our unique software encourages happy customers to tell the world about your business. Every positive review can win you dozens of customers.
No good business wants a customer to have a negative experience, but sometimes it does happen. Listening to unhappy customers and recovering them by resolving their issue both improves your service and unlocks marketing potential via a positive review. With HoWeDid, these customers are your biggest asset.
Reach more customers with HoWeDid. Our software allows you to speak to them through text and/or email.
Guide happy customers to leave reviews that ultimately help your business build a better brand image. Approach unhappy customers to regain their trust and loyalty.
Build your online reputation faster: Our simple and powerful templates take the guesswork out of designing your customer review funnel and speed up the review creation process.
Stay engaged with your customers: Use HoWeDid to send out offers and promotions.

Over 5,000 businesses use HoWeDid to leverage their customers’ opinions into improvement and growth.


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