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No matter how hard you try, there are two obstacles that you must overcome

  • Encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews is difficult. Most people are simply content to be happy, but those reviews are internet gold.
  • Discouraging unhappy customers from leaving negative reviews is even harder. You need a way to recover from a bad experience so that they can be happy customers too.

HoWeDid has you covered with the most efficient, user-friendly, and affordable customer satisfaction solution in the world.
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Seamless Customer Engagement

An unhappy customer will tell 10 people about how unhappy they are. Unhappy customers whose issue is resolved will tell up to 6 people how great you are. Your most valuable marketing tool is someone who was unhappy, but is happy now.
HoWeDid is designed to encourage happy customers to tell the world about your awesome customer service.
Every positive review can win you dozens of customers.
Understanding the power of listening to unhappy customers and recovering, you’ll discover the power of improving your service and helping an unhappy customer become happy again. Don’t run from problems, embrace them! They are your biggest asset.
Reach your customers where they are. Text? Email?
Anyway you choose to speak to them, you can do it from the HoWeDid business owners dashboard.
Guide happy customers to helping your business build a great brand image online. Decide how you approach unhappy customers to regain their trust and loyalty.
We’ve created simple and powerful templates that speed the creation process and take the guesswork out of designing your customer review funnel.
Blast out offers and promotion to stay connected to your business’s biggest asset - your customers.

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